DAKAR 2009

STAGE 5: 'There we go, we’re in the thick of it'

On board with Mitsubishi : every day until the crossing of the finish line on January 17, a member of the Repsol-Mitsubishi team, winner of the last seven editions of the Dakar, gives an inside glimpse into the main events of the day.


Dominique Serieys, 47, is Mitsubishi Motors' general director. He won the Dakar in 1993 as rally champion Bruno Saby’s co-pilot.

Condolences. “Of course, the saddest episode of today was to learn about Pascal Terry’s death. It’s a drama. All our thoughts go to his family in this difficult time.”

In the thick of it. “Stéphane Peterhansel is sound and safe, and that’s the most important thing. His car did two somersaults. There are lots of damages and we find pieces of the engine all over the place. We’re in the thick of it! His fan heater broke down and the engine heated up. The mechanics are now taking a look at the engine to see what’s to be saved. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be cooler and there will be less vegetation on the tracks. Our drivers will be able to go faster, but the assignements are the same: to stay concentrated and keep the car in one piece.”

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