Has the energy crisis hit you?

Since Wednesday, many European countries have been without gas after Russian supplies were cut off. In France, a severe shortage of electricity hasn't been ruled out either. Are you affected? Click below to react.


At least 11 countries in Europe have been affected by the closure of Russia’s gas pipelines to the Ukraine – among them Austria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, France and Italy. A quarter of gas consumed across the continent comes from Russia, with 80 per cent of that delivered via Ukraine. Bosnians are particularly affected, it becoming increasingly difficult to use gas central heating in Sarajevo, for example.


Not helping matters are the freezing temperatures across Europe which affect electricity supplies. In France, the CEO of EDF (Electricite de France) Pierre Gadonneix estimates that there could be “a shortage in electricity, locally or nationally, if consumption exceeds our network capacity.”


Are you affected by Europe’s energy crisis? Are you already feeling the effects of a shortage of gas or electricity? What do you think about the showdown between Russia and Ukraine?


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