DAKAR 2009

Sainz: The key is to pass each stage unscathed

Spaniard Carlos Sainz (Volkswagen) tops the motorcar standings with an over 30-minute lead over the first non-Volkswagen. But the gap could narrow quickly in the event of a problem with his car. And the Atacama Desert is next...


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FRANCE 24 - You seemed to be very comfortable on this stage’s tracks…

Carlos Sainz - For the first time we had proper roads, we could go very fast. But the good thing about this rally is you have lots of variety.

FRANCE 24 - Do you feel your car is reliable enough to continue on the same rhythm until the finish line in Buenos Aires?

Carlos Sainz - Well, I hope so! But we are in a good position and now the most important is to keep it.

FRANCE 24 - Are you excited to race in the Atacama desert?

Carlos Sainz - I’m looking forward to it. I hope we won’t have any problems there. The most important is to pass each stage unscathed.

FRANCE 24 - How do you explain Volkswagen’s success so far?

Carlos Sainz - I arrived three years ago. We improved a lot since. It’s a good team. Right now, I’m very happy with the car. But it’s still a long way to go…



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