A star for Glenn Close on Hollywood Boulevard

American actress Glenn Close has been honoured with her own star on Hollywood's 'Walk of Fame'. She called it a 'wonderful, wonderful honour'. Close, 61, is best known for her film roles in 'Fatal Attraction' and 'Dangerous Liaisons'.


AFP - Actress Glenn Close was honored with a star on Hollywood's "Walk of Fame" here Monday and said she was looking forward to having people walk all over her award.

Close, 61, described the awarding of the 2,378th star on Hollywood Boulevard as a "wonderful, wonderful honor", adding she was delighted to be sharing the famous stretch of sidewalk with some of her childhood heroes.

But she invited movie fans who held a grudge against some of her on-screen personas, such as deranged stalker Alex Forrest in 1987's "Fatal Attraction", to feel free to abuse her award.

"To be considered a star is one thing, but to be embedded in the sidewalk with life passing over us, that for me is the best part of this honor," Close said at a ceremony to unveil her award.

"Five-inch heels, flip-flops, Birkenstocks, dropped ice cream cones, the odd tobacco squirt, baby carriages, roller blades, skateboards, wheelchairs -- bring it all on," Close joked.

"And if there are those who are really pissed off by ... Alex Forrest, they can stomp on me to their heart's content," Close joked.

"Like the Milky Way, this galaxy will expand, paying tribute to the artists who have formed the heart and soul of the world," Close said.

"And I can just see it years from this moment. Someone will wander by my star, dust off my name and think `Glenn Close? Glenn Close? Oh yeah, I remember. He was good."

Close, best known for her film roles in "Fatal Attraction" and "Dangerous Liaisons", is currently the star of the US television drama series "Damages".

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