DAKAR 2009

STAGE 11: 'Going to bed early’

On board with Mitsubishi: every day until the crossing of the finish line on January 17, a member of the Repsol-Mitsubishi team, winner of the last seven Dakar Rallies, gives an inside glimpse into the main events of the day.


Dominique Serieys, age 47, is the sport director of Mitsubishi Motors. He won Dakar in 1993, as copilot to Bruno Saby.

Sleep. 'We flew to Fiambala this morning. There, at the race’s bivouac, we waited for the assistance trucks and Nani joined us with his car. Tonight, everybody will go to bed early to be in good shape to attack tomorrow.'


The race isn’t over. 'Robby Gordon is right when he says the cars can still have problems. Lots of things can happen on the road to Buenos Aires. As far as we are concerned, we focus on what we have to do without thinking about the problems that could happen to the others.'



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