In the papers

In the papers

France 24 journalists present a daily round-up of the world's papers.


Der Spiegel (Germany)

“Media Loses Censorship War in Gaza


Der Spiegel publishes a series of photos highlighting the difficulties journalists face in trying to cover the Gaza conflict.  Among them is a picture of a Reuters cameraman having his equipment confiscated by an Israeli officer, reporters trying to speak to a family who have fled the Gaza Strip and Palestinian journalists protesting against media casualties.  



Libération (France)
"A gaza le carnet de guerre d’un blogueur palestinien"
“The war notes of a Palestinian blogger in Gaza”

According to French daily Libération, Palestinian Sameeh Habeeb, 24, has decided to create his own blog to reveal Gaza’s “untold” story to the world.  With very few personal opinions on his site, he describes a severe lack of supplies in the Palestinian territory, the difficulties he comes up against in trying to publish his notes and even the death threats he receives by means of anonymous phone calls.

Aujourd’hui en France (France)
"Les réservistes prêts à la guerre"
"Reservists ready to go to war"

Aujourd’hui en France features a profile of one of Israel’s military reserves. Mosha, 51, is an army volunteer who could have given up front-line duties at the age of 40.  He feels he owes it to his country to show willingness and says Israel needs to keep pushing further into Gaza.  

Times Online (United Kingdom)
“Putin has given us a wake-up call – we’re vulnerable to blackmail”

The Times Online highlights Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.  According to the article, the Kremlin’s reopening of its pipelines on Tuesday was merely “ceremonial” and the gas flow into Europe will only really start “when Putin decides Russia’s successfully pinned the donkey’s tail on Ukraine”.  The paper describes the Russian prime minister as using his country’s oil and gas as “weapons” in a political battle – a “cold war against Ukraine’s dream of belonging to the West”.  

The Independent (UK)
“Putin and the art of power”

According to the Independent, there’s a new name set to rock the Russian art scene: Vladimir Putin!  Often heralded as a man of many talents, the Russian prime minister has now tried his hand at art.  A painting which he created in 20 minutes went on display in St Petersburg yesterday – the aim, to raise money for children’s hospitals. Signed by Putin, in the end it was handed over to a professional artist to be touched up.  


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