Embedded with Gaza medics

FRANCE 24's correspondent in Gaza, Radjaa Abou Dagga, followed a team of Palestinian medics during the Israeli assault. The video is exclusive and contains images that some may find shocking.


The conflict between Hamas, the Islamist Palestinian group that rules the Gaza Strip, and Israel has provoked reaction worldwide.

But the world has by and large watched the events unfold from a distance. Israel stopped foreign correspondents from entering the Gaza Strip while the conflict by air and on the ground intensified.

Our report brings you a view from the heart of the crisis, from the streets of Gaza, as our reporter witnessed the horrific effects of war on ordinary people.

This is not a geopolitical analysis of the Hamas-Israel war. It is a look from the inside at how, when movements, governments and ideologies do battle, it is mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children who are affected.

The eyewitness video made by a Palestinian journalist, Radjaa Abou Dagga, FRANCE 24's correspondent in Gaza, shows a slice of life in a war zone - how people desperately scramble to stay alive amid artillery shells, air raids and ground combat.

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