DAKAR 2009

STAGE 13: 'Let's not get ahead of ourselves'

Joan "Nani" Roma gave a first to a Mitsubishi team in need of success. But Dominique Serieys, the team's manager, knows anything can happen... His advice for tomorrow: caution.


Dominique Serieys, 47, is the sports director of Mitsubishi Motors. He won Dakar in 1993, as co-pilot to Bruno Saby.

Improvement. 'This victory is truly heartening - especially for the staff who fixed the car during the night. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - our competitors eased their feet off the accelerator for this special stage. But it's still a good performance. Nani left from rank 21, which is not very comfortable, but he managed to avoid troubles.'

Caution. "There's quite a time difference between those in fornt of us and those behind us. Tomorrow, 'Nani' will have to stay very focused and out of trouble.'



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