Inauguration Day: your reactions

In his inaugural address US president Barack Obama said the state of the economy called for "action, bold and swift". He also promised "a new way forward" in relations with the Muslim world. What do you think? Send your reactions to FRANCE 24.


'Obama's inauguration marks a day in history never to be forgot, a day that symbolises unity not only in America but across the world. May his reign as president be a successful one.'

 T Bon - England

'What a wonderful man. His speech was uplifting. He is the right man for the job. We can only hope he can make a difference. The last time I felt this way about an American President was when John F Kennendy was in office.'

Liz - Melbourne, Australia


'I wish for the new president to help those who truly are in need, the millions who are on the so-called breadline of poverty, those who are without Medical Insurance and without jobs...It is time for the so-called billionaires and multi-millionaires to dig in their pockets to make this happen. The land of the free, the land of the brave. Let’s see how brave the rich truly are to make the USA a whole country again. There should be no poverty whatsoever in America - or even in the United Kingdom where I reside.'

M Armstrong - Stevenage

'Very disappointing. Great oratorical skills but empty rhetoric about America's founders - probably did not think it was okay to be more specific because most of them were slave-owners. Lack of bravery already (and the citizens of America are to be challenged to live up to their past mistakes and promise?). No specific policy changes, economically or militarily. Seemed to be straining to please Bush and other members of the former administration. No change at all. Sounds like he wants more American sacrifices on the battlefield. I have more hope in the EU and even in Sarkozy.'

Nancy - U.S.A.


'My thoughts - blah, blah, blah. This is the Washington version of the Oscars in Hollywood. It gives the out-of-touch politicians a chance to pat themselves on the back and bask in their own glory.'

ABarnes - Austin, TX, USA

'Once again I was proud to be an American! Quite simply he was chrismatic and gave a message of unity and hope! I feel I have a President I can be proud of and that will take this country into the future and give America back her grace and dignity!'

Canboots - Boston, USA

'What a shame the US has elected a man because of the color of his skin.'

Anonyme - USA


'Congratulations America and the whole world.Please, Mr Obama, don't forget Zimbabwe.'

Anonyme - Namibia

'Dear President,

You deserve my warm congratulations for lightful speeches on occasion of your election as US President and during your inauguration as well. Really I feel in you the inspiration of the best leader and a good example to be aped by politicians all over the the world. May God bless you. Thanks'

Adolphe Lusamaki - DRCongo


'I sincerely hope that Obama will tackle all those "undemocratic" leaders in Africa and show them the example !!!!'

 Serge - United Kingdom



'This is the day for which we have waited!'

Bill - USA, Boston (Massachusetts)


'I am a democrat, but a democrat who didn't vote for this man. I have been dying to say: this is a sad day in American history, when we voted for a non-believer, and our relationship with Israel is crucial, and voted for a man with no experience (...) I just wanted to say, and forgive me God for this: I DONT LIKE HIM, AND WE ARE IN TROUBLE.'

Any one but me



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