Two adults shot outside school in Norway

At a school shooting outside a parking lot in the northern Norwegian town of Tromsoe, one adult was killed and another injured.


REUTERS  - A man and a woman were killed in a
shooting in a parking lot outside a school in the northern
Norwegian town of Tromsoe, police said on Friday.

"Only these two people were involved, we are not looking for
an attacker," police officer Kurt Pettersen said on Norwegian TV
2 news.

Tromsoe Police Superintendent Annette Sjoely confirmed that
both the man and woman were dead, but declined to give further
information about the circumstances of the shooting ahead of a
news conference scheduled for 1100 GMT.

National broadcaster NRK reported that the woman who was
killed was a teacher in training, but there was no official
confirmation of that.

"We are interviewing witnesses and calling family and
friends," Sjoely told Reuters.

Commercial broadcaster TV2 news reported that some children
witnessed the shooting, which took place Friday morning as they
were arriving for school in the Arctic town.

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