Gunmen arrested after shooting incident near US embassy

Yemeni police arrested three gunmen on Monday after fire broke out at a checkpoint near the country's US embassy. A security official said the US mission had received a warning of a terrorist attack.


REUTERS - Shooting broke out at a checkpoint outside the U.S. embassy in Yemen on Monday, but Yemeni officials gave different accounts of the incident. One official said it appeared to have been security forces firing in the air to warn an approaching car.


"Three people who were in the car are being questioned," the security official told Reuters. "It does not seem that they had shot at the checkpoint."


Another security official said gunmen in the car had opened fire at the checkpoint, hours after the mission said it received a threat.


Twin suicide car bombings killed 16 people outside the heavily fortified U.S. embassy in Sanaa in September, in an attack later claimed by al Qaeda.


The embassy had earlier urged Americans to be cautious in the Arab country that has been the scene of al Qaeda attacks on Western interests.


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