Hollywood has a thing for a new 'The Thing'

The famous John Carpenter's 1951 horror movie "The Thing From Another World" is about to be re-made according to US entertainment media. The Dutch director Matthijs Van Heijningen could lead the project.


AFP - Universal studios is preparing a remake of 1951 "The Thing From Another World", the horror classic about scientists battling an alien creature at a remote Arctic base, reports said Thursday.

Daily Variety reported that the latest incarnation of the science fiction would be made by Dutch director Matthijs Van Heijningen.

Like the original film and a 1982 John Carpenter-directed remake, the latest version would be based on John W. Campbell's short story "Who Goes There."

The story is set in a Norwegian camp and shows how the alien, which has the power to change shape, overcomes the inhabitants of the camp.

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