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Net users condemn North Korean rocket launch

In this edition: North Korea proceeds with the launch of a long-range rocket, an act widely condemned by net users. In India, with the run-up to the general elections, online initiatives multiply to encourage the population to vote.



North Korea proceeded with the launch of a long-range rocket, to the great displeasure of the international community. The rocket went over the Japanese archipelago, an act widely condemned by net users.


The Japanese are the most anxious. A Japanese musician launched this video on YouTube. It's a hip hop song which denounces the North Korean action, seen as a provocation.

The same response on Twitter where there was no delay in reaction against the launch of the rocket. Some go as far as wondering about the risks of nuclear war.

All eyes are riveted on US President Barack Obama, who reacted immediately. This video blogger is nevertheless afraid that the American president is not firm enough, and that the North Koreans do not take into account calls from the international community.

Several videos are available on this site. They describe the launch and trajectory of the rocket in 3-D. 



In India, with the run up to the general elections, online initiatives multiply to encourage the population to vote. The most effective are those led by big local brands taking advantage of the event to promote themselves.


The successful campaign Jaago Re, that has succeeded in getting four million people to register on electoral rolls, is led by the brand Tata Tea.

It is broadcasting numerous clips on television.  

A far-reaching initiative greeted by this Indian. He says the commitment by Tata Tea represents an example of the involvement of the private sector in society, whereas numerous companies are content to make donations.

Another notable initiative, this brand of telephone invites its users to send their ideas to candidates via their mobile phones and the internet.

The site Zoomorama launches a virtual art exhibition in high definition putting together 280 pictures of Van Gogh, Cézanne and Gauguin. This collection of pictures called "Art in HD" allows you to move freely from one picture to another without downloading.

Seville is one of the most connected cities at the moment. Indeed, the tourist office of the Spanish city launched a mass offensive on the net for their promotion. They launched two blogs, one in English, the other one in Spanish, encouraging communication between tourists and inhabitants, and also an account on twitter and Web TV.


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