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2.0 riots in Moldova

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In this edition: In Moldova, thousands of demonstrators, dissatisfied with the communist Party’s victory in the general election on Sunday stormed government buildings. A movement relayed and amplified thanks to the Web.



In Moldova, thousands of demonstrators, dissatisfied with the communist Party’s victory in the general election on Sunday, broke into the Parliament and Presidential buildings on Tuesday. A movement relayed and amplified thanks to the Web.,%20rednecks%20take%20over%20=|5 

On the blog foreign policy, this expert talks about revolution on Twitter. He notes that on the micro-blogging site, posts marked with the user name “pman”, and referring to the main square in the capital, streamed by in their hundreds over 48 hours. Objective: mobilise the young Moldovans.

Facebook has also played a role as a catalyst because groups supporting the Moldovan revolution saw their members multiplying.

This blogger sees a parallel with “The Orange Revolution” in Ukraine where mobile phones and texts played a crucial role in the growth of the movement.

On sharing sites and blogs amateur videos of the demonstrations, peaceful at first on Monday, then violent on Tuesday, have flooded in, indicating a revolutions is underway. This one shows a young Moldovan fighting with police.

On Saturday, April 11th, the city of Tel Aviv will mark its 100th anniversary, an event keenly celebrated by the local blogosphere.

Several videos and on-line photomontages return to the history of the foundation of the city in 1909 by Russian and Polish Jews and describe the various developments of the city, considered by many as the most tolerant in Israel.

The official site created especially for the centenary hosts lots of information about the various ceremonies organized all year round in Tel Aviv. A prayer for the future prosperity of the city is there and also downloadable.

Pictures of the first officially organized festivities last weekend did not take long arriving on the net. Fireworks, outdoor concerts, the inhabitants of Tel Aviv took advantage of the occasion to meet-up and enjoy themselves.

This Israeli blogger honours Tel Aviv on its anniversary. For her, the city is unique because it knew how to remain open to the various cultures in spite of deep tensions in the region.
MYSTAR.TV is a sort of on-line TV talent show, for which you are the jury. You can choose to encourage a candidate or penalise them if you feel they are bad. Another peculiarity of There are not only singers, but also comedians and dancers.

Here is the site of a Portuguese artist living in the US who posts on-line several dozen drawings created on his IPhone thanks to the application “Brushes”. Digital pieces of art depicting the artist’s everyday life, notably in New York. Most of his creations are accompanied by a speeded up video showing how these pictures are painted.


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