Death of pirate victim remains a mystery

The autopsy on Florent Lemaçon, killed during France’s rescue of the “Tanit” vessel, was inconclusive as to how the victim was shot. No bullets were found in his body.


The autopsy on Florent Lemaçon, skipper of the ship Tanit that was held by Somali pirates earlier this month, yielded no information as to the origin of the bullet that killed him. Lemaçon was caught in the crossfire between the pirates and the French commandos who freed the yacht and its five passengers.


“We found no projectile or metal fragment in his body,” read the autopsy, which was announced by the Rennes public legal officer on Friday. “It’s impossible to tell where the bullet might have come from.”


The other four Tani passengers – Lemaçon's wife Chloé, his son, and two friends – were freed safe and sound. All hailed from Morbihan, in Brittany, France, where they had set sail in 2008 for a trip that was supposed to take them to Zanzibar, Tanzania.



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