The battle of the skies

FRANCE 24 investigates what lies behind a confidential Airbus report which recently appeared on the Internet, containing detailed information about its American arch-rival Boeing.


An American blogger recently put online a confidential report by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. It is not just any report – the subject of this secret Airbus document is the forthcoming plane of its American competitor, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In total, the report’s 46 pages show that Airbus has an impressive knowledge of the B787 and in particular the technical problems met by Boeing during the development of its flagship carrier.

Several questions arise from reading this report. How did Airbus get such detailed information? Can we talk about industrial espionage? And how valuable is this secret document? To try to answer these questions, FRANCE 24 began by meeting John Ostrower, the blogger who unveiled the report.

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