Brazil is world's top pesticide consumer

Brazil has become the world's top pesticide user, importing 4,400 tons of agriculture pesticides in just two months this year. Some 15 percent of the fruit and vegetable samples investigated by Brazil's health agency exceeded the allowed limits.


AFP - Brazil has become the world's top consumer of agriculture pesticides, and continues to use a range of dangerous pesticides banned in other countries, according to a study released Friday.

The Brazilian pesticide market has boiled to more than 6.9 billion dollars, according to the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association.

In the analysis led by Anvisa (Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency), officials examining 1,773 samples of 17 fruits and vegetables found that pesticide was most prevalent in sweet peppers, followed by grapes, strawberries, then carrots.

Acccording to the Anvisa report released to the press, 64 percent of sweet peppers contained chemical residue above the limit allowed by Anvisa.

In total, 15 percent of the fruit and vegetable samples investigated by Anvisa exceeded the allowed limits.

The Anivsa study also showed that pesticides banned in some countries -- such as acephate and endosulfan -- continue to be used in Brazil, which has 276 million hectares (682 million acres) of farmable land.

In 2008, when China banned a pesticide used in tomatoes, metamidophos, Brazil imported some 4200 tons.

During the first two months of 2009, 4400 tonnes of the chemical have entered Brazil.

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