Hospitals, universities demonstrate against reform

French medical professionals take to the streets on Tuesday to protest the government's hospital-reform plan, which doctors say would grant too many powers to hospital administrators.


French doctors and hospital employees will be demonstrating together Tuesday against government's hospital-reform plan. At the heart of the controversy is the role of hospital managers, which the French government plans to augment.

Doctors fear that under the new plan, the priority would be cost cutting. They also object that hospital managers are not required to have medical expertise.

Professor François Bricaire at the La Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris explained: "What concerns us is that in this project there is a potential money-making aspect that would lead to a lower quality of treatment."

Doctors also object to a proposed government policy of levying fines against doctors who refuse to work in isolated rural areas.

So far the France's lower house of parliament has approved the reform, but it now has to be examined by the Senate.

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