Crackdown on poverty in New Delhi

In a year, New Delhi will host the Commonwealth Games. The city of the "Slumdog Millionaires" is keen to change its image and hide its wretched misery - even if it means trampling its poor in the process.


Danny Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire' showcased in spectacular fashion the vibrant colours and scenery India has to offer, but also the extreme poverty.


The plight of those forced to live among open sewers was brought graphically to the screen - and the world took note, but so did the Indian authorities. For the government, this was a facet of the country that was hardly flattering. So an extensive eradication programme has been launched in New Delhi to clear out the makeshift homes that risk blighting the city's hopes of appealing to investors. And India is up against a tight deadline: New Delhi is set to host the Commonwealth Games next year.

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