In the line of fire of the Lord's Resistance Army

FRANCE 24's correspondents in the DR Congo, Arnaud Zajtman and Marlene Rabaud, went to the Ugandan border, an area under the control of the Lord's Resistance Army, to investigate the effects of its devastating campaign on civilians.


This week, France's 24's Caring Magazine went to Africa, to the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the countries in which the Ugandan rebel group, the Lord's Resistance Army, operates.

The rebels' goal is to create a government based on the Bible's Ten Commandments. The LRA is made up in large part of Ugandan rebels. They spread devastation and chaos through every region they cross.

Despite a US-backed coordinated effort by Sudan, Uganda and Congo to flush out these insurgents and some 17,000 UN peacekeepers deployed to the area to try to keep control, the rebels have dodged all attempts for a ceasefire.

As always, civilians bear the brunt of atrocities. Often child soldiers are forced to fight in a conflict they know or care nothing about.

Our journalists traveled to meet the survivors and see for themselves the deep scars they bear. They also met with women who had been abducted and held as sex slaves, subjected to appalling cruelty.

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