Lagarde confirms 35,000 job cuts in public sector

French Minister of Economy Christine Lagarde told French daily Le Monde that there will be 34,000 fewer civil servants in 2010 due to the non-replacement rule.


French Minister of Finance Christine Lagarde has confirmed there will be 34,000 fewer civil servants as a result of a non-replacement rule in the 2010 budget.


In a report published in Monday's  Le Monde newspaper, she said the cut will be achieved by replacing only half of the positions freed up as existing civil servants retire.


“The government will stick strictly to the rule of non-replacement of one civil-servant in two in 2010,” Lagarde is quoted as saying. “This will mean 34,000 fewer posts.”


In making the announcement, Lagade has confirmed calculations by the Les Echos newspaper that adherence to the non-replacement rule would mean a cut of between 33,000 and 35,000 positions.


According to Les Echos the move will save the French state just under a billion Euros, half of which will be used to top up the salaries of remaining civil servants, as promised by President Nicolas Sarkozy in his election campaign.


French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot, speaking on France Inter, added that the health service will not be affected by the non-replacement rule.


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