Homosexuals banned from becoming policemen

A new Peruvian regulation is to ban gay people from the ranks of the police force. Proposed by the country's hardline interior minister Mercedes Cabanillas, the law says that homosexual actions "cause scandal, or denigrate the institution's image."


AFP - Peru announced on Wednesday that it will ban homosexuals from the ranks of its police -- for sullying the image of the force.

New regulations, which also covers those engaged in extra-marital affairs, indefinitely suspends "police officers who have sexual relations with people of the same gender and because of their actions cause scandal, or denigrate the institution's image."

The law was put forward by interior minister Mercedes Cabanillas, dubbed the Peruvian "Thatcher" by local papers, after former Conservative British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

The measures also censure those who "organize, promote, participate or incite strikes, stoppages or marches."

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