France 24 reporters detained at Libreville airport

A team of FRANCE 24 journalists has been detained at Gabon's main airport. The authorities there have been critical of the French media’s coverage of the health of President Omar Bongo, who is currently receiving treatment in a Spanish hospital.


A team of France 24 journalists has been detained at the airport by authorities in Gabon.


The team, Kinshasa-based correspondents Arnaud Zajtman (pictured above)and Marlene Rabaud, both French nationals, arrived Monday night at the main airport of the capital, Libreville. The journalists were carrying the appropriate visas but were not allowed to go through customs. They are currently being held in an international zone at the airport, not allowed to enter the country.


The detention follows criticism by the Gabonese government over the French media’s reporting on President Omar Bongo. Bongo, Africa’s longest-serving ruler, is currently receiving treatment in a Spanish hospital. The Gabonese government says he is merely resting and having a check-up, but media reports say he is seriously ill.


On Saturday the Gabonese government accused FRANCE 24 and three other French broadcasters of reporting "non-official and alarmist" information on Bongo's state of health.


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