The Web reacts to disappearance of Air France 447

Today on the Net: the disappearance of Air France flight 447 sparks questions; the take-over of GM by the state is largely criticized; and a Google Earth map pays homage to the fallen soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Air France Flight 447

As soon as the news was announced that a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris vanished from radar screens on Monday, the Web went into turmoil.

One blogger warned against false rumours and stated that often several factors cause aircraft accidents. According to him, the lightening hypothesis is the most probable, but he asserts that no flash of lightening has alone been the cause of a crash for over 40 years.

Several videos of this type of apparently frequent accident have been posted by Net users. Click below to see a flight by the Japanese airline ANA that was struck by lightening, without any major consequences, in 2008.

Another video shows a flight by the Australian company Qantas that was struck as it prepared to land in 2004.

A Wikipedia page created upon announcement of the disappearance of the Air France flight was created and updated hourly. It includes the number of passengers, their nationalities and declarations by heads of state.

General Motors bankruptcy

"Smash up a Government Motors car," sugges some US protesters in a video posted following the announcement of the General Motors restructuring plan. The former jewel in the crown of the US car industry has filed for bankruptcy, and the state will finance its restructuration and will take control of 60% of its capital.

The measure judged interventionist and which angers one Net user who says the state shouldn’t be wasting tax payer’s money bailing out a company which has proved not to be solid enough to survive.

A animated video with a sarastic point of view.

Advert parodies which express doubt as to the government’s ability to manage a company of this size and what a "Government Motors" car would be like.

The de-facto nationalisation of General Motors is provoking fresh attacks of Barack Obama’s policy. One video blogger asserts that the United States started down a path to socialism with his arrival in power.

Meanwhile, General Motors employees are expressing their concern in interviews broadcast online about the agreement signed between the management and the main car industry union to cut salary and other costs.

Map of the fallen

Paying homage to soldiers who fell in Iraq and Afghanistan was the aim of a Google Earth engineer who decided to create a map that would allow Net users to find out more about the 5,700 soldiers who lost their lives on these two fronts.

Meme scenery

The Web’s star videos are many, and the most well-known are now part of Net culture. A blogger decided to post background images of these videos on his blog, deleting the protagonists, and ask Net to guess what the video is. A couple of cult examples: the Star Wars kid’s purple background and the very recent keyboard cat’s keyboard.

Daily video

After "The Hunt for Gollum", the film directed by fans of the "Lord of the Rings", here comes "Batman, Ashes to Ashes", which is is currently creating a buzz on line. The 17-minute film directed by Frenchmen Julien Mokrani Samuel Bodin required three years work.

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