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Aujourd'hui en france
« Faut-il interdire le port de la burqa en France ? »

It’s at the front page of most French newspapers on Friday. The Burqa, the head-to-toe Islamic weil. The French wonder if it should be banned.

 “Non à la Burqa” reads the title of  the newspaper France Soir.

Aujourd’hui en France interviewed a group of lawmakers, who called for a parliamentary commission to look into the trend.One deputy says the Burqa goes against women’s rights, another says his children were scared when they saw a woman wearing the Burqa.

The newspaper also interviewed some of these women. Nadia for example says she wears the Burqa because she’s scared of God, not because her husband forces her to. She says “Of course it’s boiling hot when I wear it, but it’s better than burning in hell”.

The issue has triggered a lot of debate in France. The country is torn between its secular values and Individual religious freedoms.


La Croix
“En France le port de la Burqa est lié au développement du movement Salafiste”.

The newspaper Lacroix explains why these women choose to wear the Burqa.
It interviewed an analyst, who says that the youth often holds on to a family tradition.
He says some have felt rejected by society, and therefore choose to shut themselves out.
The article says that wearing the Burqa could be linked to the salafist movement.

Le Figaro
“Véronique Courjault condamnée à huit ans ”

A French mother, Véronique Courjault has admitted killing three of her newborn children. She burnt the body of one of them, and stored the other two bodies in her freezer.

Le Figaro talks about the trial. A verdict was reached late on Thursday.
“She is not a monster”’, said her lawyer. Her husband said he supported his wife, and their two teenagers said “mummy is ill”.
The Court sentenced her to eight years in prison, which is considered a light sentence for three murders.
Veronique Courjault could be released early, within a year.

Les Echos
“La France va renouer avec un taux de chomage de 10%”

The economic crisis is nearly over in France…That’s what most newspapers have reported on Friday.
Le Figaro says the recession will be over before the end of the year.
However, the National Statistics office INSEE, says the unemployment rate is likely to increase to 10% .
Nearly 700,000 private sector jobs are likely to disappear this year.

Le Parisien
“Les Terrils veulent etre classes à l’Unesco”

In Lens, northern France, the french say they are proud of their 200 “terrils” or slag heaps.

They hope the unsual scenary could be soon be put on the UNESCO world heritage list.

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