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The Web mobilises for Aung San Suu Kyi

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In this edition: the Web rallies for Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who celebrates her 64th birthday Friday. In the US, the Web echoes the concern of many Americans about the US president’s economic policies.



In this video, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout offers his support for Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and wishes her a happy birthday. Messages from political figures, cinema stars and ordinary Internet users flooded in by their thousands on this site dedicated to the Lady of Rangoon, who celebrates her 64th birthday this Friday.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner is currently under trial for allegedly disobeying the terms of her house arrest. She risks five years in prison. Across the world, protests have multiplied. The aim is to denounce this trial, which some say aims to stop the opponent from contesting next year’s elections. 

The Web these days features many such initiatives. Over 400,000 Web users have signed this online petition calling on the UN to intervene to try to help Suu Kyi, whose health has deteriorated in recent days.

Meanwhile, many Web users, following the example of these Burmese nationals living in exile in Japan, chose music as a way to pay her homage.

A French association is asking amateur performers to record themselves, to sing alongside French singer Jane Birkin.

And this birthday is also the occasion for many bloggers to recall Suu Kyi’s struggle for democracy. The video of this interview, given in 1999 has been widely broadcast online in recent weeks.



US President Barack Obama no longer wishes to re-launch the US economy, but instead is trying to control it! This is the opinion of this video blogger, who echoes the concern of many Americans regarding Obama's economic policy.

This blogger states that the recent drop in Obama’s popularity can be explained by his administration’s economic policies. The government’s take over of car giant, General Motors continues to be overwhelmingly criticised on the Web.

And as proved by these videos, available online, attacks against Obama have multiplied. Some even compare him to a communist, looking to crush the market economy.

However, as stressed by this net user, by trying to revise the financial regulation system and by reinforcing the Federal Reserve’s supervisionary powers, Obama is simply trying to protect the US economy from the excesses of capitalism. 

Others prefer to mock the government’s interventionism. In this song, a penniless American tells of his astonishment at having not received a fat cheque from the state, like Chrysler and General Motors. And he appeals to Obama for a generous gesture.

To raise Internet users’ awareness about global warming, an Australian student has created this world map, allowing users to visualise the world's carbon emissions in real time. This simulation, based on official UN statistics, will allow Web users to measure the impact each country has on climate change.
TRUE/SLANT is a new US news site that aims to reunite bloggers, journalists and specialists. Created by a former New York Times reporter, this platform now boasts over 100 paid contributors. Journalists are not subject to any editorial checks and can post their articles and videos freely. The site, which is also open to announcers, is attempting to offer a new model for the crisis-hit US press.

How are babies made? In this video a Brazilian couple answer this embarrassing question for parents. The animated video features photos taken each day by the two artists during the nine months prior to the happy event.


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