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Fifteen years after the genocide, how much has changed?

FRANCE 24 reporter Willy Bracciano looks at Rwanda 15 years after the genocide, when Hutus killed around a million of Tutsis in a hundred days. Despite peace and reconciliation, how much has actually changed?


The orphaned victims of the genocide



Donata is 23 and was herself a child herself when the massacres took place. She raised six children who were orphaned by the brutal killings which claimed almost 100,000 lives in one hundred days.



Have things really changed between Tutsis and Hutus?


‘Focus’ takes us to Rwanda 15 years after the genocide, where people are learning to live together and to forgive. Former torturers live alongside their past victims.


But while memories of the horror begin to fade, echoes of the genocide continue to mark relations between Rwanda and its former ally, France. Diplomqtic relqtions between the two countries were cut three years ago when Paris initiated legal proceedings against current president Paul Kagame. But the diplomatic impasse may also see some changes.


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