Net lampoons bloggers' jailing in Azerbaijan

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Today on the Web: Net users react to the imprisonment of two young bloggers and pacifist militants in Azerbaijan; former US vice-president Dick Cheney is caught up in a scandal; and Her Majesty the Queen is on Twitter.


Dick Cheney scandal


On orders from former vice-President Dick Cheney, the CIA apparently hid the existence of a secret counter-terrorism programme from Congress for 8 years. An affair generating online reactions.


This video blogger expressed his indignation by pointing out that the practice is illegal. He also claims to be in support of a request by Democrat MPs to open an enquiry into the programme.


Another net user explains that this new scandal comes as no surprise. For him it is intolerable for a vice-president to think he is above the law and states that a dangerous precedent could be set if Dick Cheney is not prosecuted.


But for this blogger, concealing is not lying and according to him, the former vice-president probably had good reason to hide the existence of the programme, which was never implemented.


Dick Cheney is continuing to lose popularity in the blogosphere. He now has over 250,000 detractors on Facebook.


This parodic song presents him as a warmonger who manipulated public opinion for his own ends.


But it is particularly regarding the use of torture during interrogations of suspected terrorists that he is criticised. In this satirical animation, he subjects himself to a drowning simulation to prove that the technique cannot be considered as torture.


Bloggers jailed Azerbaijan


The arrest by the Azerbaijani authorities of 2 young bloggers and pacifist militants has caused a wave of indignation and many reactions in the blogosphere, calling for their immediate release.


Active members of opposition movements, Emin Milli & Adnan Hajizada regularly used web tools and share sites in particular to promote non-violence, modernity and democracy in Azerbaijan, as shown in these videos.


And reactions following their arrest and sentencing to 2 months pre-trial detention quickly flooded into the social networks and to Twitter in particular. Many users were quick to denounce a parody of justice.


A Facebook page was also created in support of the two young activists. And net users are asked to sign this online petition, requesting that the country’s authorities shed light on the story as quickly as possible.


A situation which outrages this blogger living in the capital, Bakou. She explains that the charges against the two men are very vague and that the story reflects the anti-democratic climate that reigns in the country.


Meanwhile, several sites like this one are providing regular updates on the case and the latest information about the two activists’ detention.


Influenza A (H1N1) prevention


The US Government has launched a video competition on Youtube to involve its citizens in influenza-A prevention. Net users are asked to post a video of ways in which to protect oneself against the H1N1 virus. Videos which should remind people of the importance of respecting advice such as washing hands regularly and covering one’s mouth when sneezing.


Her Majesty on the Web


After invading Youtube, the British royal family has just inaugurated a Twitter page. A Buckingham Palace spokesperson has nevertheless added that no member will write personally on the site. Instead it will provide information, allowing net users to keep up to date with the official activity of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and the Duke of Kent.


Video of the day


Here is a video that should be of interest to those who find it hard to get up early for work. A young American has come up with a particularly original, giant alarm clock which works with compressed air and is programmed using a PC. One thing is sure: with such a violent wakening, users will no longer have an excuse for being late in the morning!

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