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Net users in shock after shooting in Tel Aviv gay club

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In this edition: the blogosphere is stupefied by gunfire in a Tel Aviv gay club and Pakistani net users recount the return of displaced people who fled fighting between the army and the Taliban.



Net users are in shock after a gunman opened fire in a gay and lesbian club on Saturday night in Tel Aviv, killing two and leaving dozens injured.


News of the shooting spread quickly on Twitter, due to information sent in by users who were present in the area at the time of the tragedy. Messages then flooded into the microblogging platform from net users, expressing the disarray and their indignation. 

Then, as shown by these videos broadcast online, several hundred people gathered during the night holding posters and candles to denounce what they consider to be the most serious homophobic attack ever witnessed in Israel.

On social networks, many net users in the homosexual community have changed their avatar to pay homage to victims of the attack.

This blogger claims that Israeli gays and lesbians are not allowing the attack to intimidate them and that neither terror nor hatred will stop them expressing their sexuality.

Another net user recalls that, although Tel Aviv is considered the gay capital of Israel, religious circles remain very hostile to homosexuality. He deplores the fact that the public authorities have never launched initiatives to combat homophobia.



According to the UN, over 600,000 of the two million Pakistanis who fled the Swat Valley during the army’s offensive against the Taliban have returned to their home towns. Their painful return home is recounted by Web users from the region.


This photographer, who travelled to Mingora, the administrative centre of the province, located in the northwest of the country, described it as a devastated town, bearing the scars of the recent clashes and where life is struggling to get back to normal.


This blogger, committed to humanitarian initiatives, interviewed several refugees on their way home. One of them described his happiness at going home and leaving the refugee camp where he lived, as he describes, as a beggar. Another fear for him is a resurgence of the Taliban, something which could lead to further fighting.


This doctor, working in a camp in Karachi, considers the management of the humanitarian crisis by the Pakistan government to be catastrophic. In this video broadcast online, he stresses that the assistance promised to him by the authorities never arrived.


As a result, civil society is intensifying its efforts to assist these people. The priority for this NGO is to ensure that children can return to school in September despite hundreds of schools being destroyed in recent months. The association will educate the children while their schools are rebuilt.


The site Spotify, considered by many net users as the best free music listening site, is planning to conquer the US market. This Swedish software, which offers free and legal access to over six million songs, is currently only available in Europe. Americans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this direct competitor to Deezer, whose repertoire is significantly less impressive.



Just as the French Minister of Culture and Communication launched a call for tender to design the visual identity of the so-called Hadopi law (High Authority for the Broadcast of Works and the Protection of Internet Rights), the site PC Inpact has called on its readers to design the future logo. The creations well illustrate the unpopularity of the government’s bill with French net users.



Here is one of the videos currently creating an online buzz. Filmed in Okinawa, Japan, it shows the world’s second largest aquarium. Over eighty species, including whale sharks and manta rays, reside in this 7500 m3 tank. The video's author, a Canadian filmmaker, wanted to raise awareness about marine environment protection.



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