Fugitive Treiber claims innocence in letter to magazine

Jean-Pierre Treiber, who escaped from prison a little over a week ago, claimed his innocence in a letter sent to French magazine Marianne on Thursday. Treiber is wanted for the murder of French actor Roland Giraud's daughter and her lover in 2004.


Jean-Pierre Treiber, currently France's most wanted man, escaped from a prison in northern France on September 8. French authorities have not been able to locate him since. On Thursday, the fugitive broke his silence by sending a letter to French magazine Marianne denying he was guilty.

In 2004, Treiber was arrested for the murder of Géraldine Giraud, daughter of French actor Roland Giraud, and her lover Katia Lherbier.

In his letter, Treiber claimed he had no choice but to escape, saying he was on the brink of suicide and had lost faith in the French justice system.

The escapee included his prison identity card as proof that it was really him and promised to be present at his trial in the spring of next year.

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