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Honduran drama spills onto the Web

Tension is rife in the streets and on the Web after Manuel Zelaya's surprise return to Honduras. Also in today's round-up of the Web: bloggers mock the "princess and the president" tale involving Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and Lady Diana.


Honduras: Zelaya is back

In a dramatic turn of events in Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, the deposed President who was sent out of the country on June 28 has returned secretly to Tegucigalpa and has been holed up in the Brazilian Embassy since Monday. Zelaya’s return reignites tensions. On the Web, Net users discuss the deposed President’s come-back.


Zelaya held a meeting with his supporters outside the UN representation in Tegucigalpa then outside the Brazilian embassy. As shown in this video, widely broadcast online, large numbers of the president’s supporters attended. Almost 5,000 people gathered and sang before being dispersed by security forces.


Images which anger Zelaya’s detractors, such as this Net user, who goes as far as to threaten to kill the president and his supporters.

And on Twitter, anger and incomprehension prevail. Many users criticise Brazil’s involvement in the affair. And this Brazilian Net user asks why his country should be involved in the situation. In this post, he explains that in his opinion, Lula’s participation in Zelaya’s return exceeded the limits of good sense. 


Meanwhile on the social networks, and in particular on the president’s Facebook page, some of the country’s Net users are making pro-Zelaya comments. This blogger has posted a video commending the president’s return and denouncing the repression which followed the coup d’état in Honduras.


The princess and the president


Did former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing have a love affair with Lady Di in the 80s? The question has caused a stir on the Web since extracts of the forthcoming novel by the former head of state appeared online. In the exerts he speaks of the instant attraction between a French president and the Princess of Wales.


As soon as the extracts were published online, many Twitter users immediately reacted. Some question the feasibility of such a relationship, while others applaud the former president’s conquest.

This blogger sees the lighter side. He has designed a possible cover for the book and even thought of a new title for the novel: ‘The little English girl is for me!’

This Net user questions whether the rumour is simply a marketing ploy to launch Valéry Giscard d’Estaing’s new book. And it is displaying these parody posters on its site to show that other products, such as washing powder or websites would also sell well if they had had an affair with Lady Di.

This affair hasn't got everyone laughing. For this British man, the story is a sign that Giscard d’Estaing has been struck by delusions of grandeur and for him his supposed relationship with the princess is pure fiction. 

This Net user feels that it will be difficult to separate fiction from reality. He asserts with irony that with the buzz that has been generated, this book should prove to be a greater success that the latest offerings by Giscard d’Estaing: the European Constitutional Treaty. 


Visit the French prime minister's office


Touring the French prime minister’s offices without actually going there is now possible. The government has just launched a virtual tour of the Hotel Matignon, with a 360-degree view point of each room. Discover the offices of the prime minister and his assistants, surrounded by chandeliers and antique paintings, the backstage of power is just a few clicks away …

The Web fights for free speech


‘Panfilo’, the Cuban man imprisoned for denouncing Castro’s regime on film, has been released. In this video, entitled ‘Jama’, widely broadcast online, the man interrupts an interview about Cuban music to state that both he and his fellow citizens were hungry. Panfilo generated a wave of solidarity. A petition, an online campaign entitled, ‘Food and Freedom’ and an exhibition have all been launched. Panfilo has avoided serving the two years that he had been sentenced to. But he will now be placed in a psychiatric hospital.


Video of the day


Here is the video currently creating an online buzz and which should make football fans smile. During a match between Saturn FK and Spartak Moscow, a supporter came down from the stands and sprinted to the six yard line to take a penalty in place of a player from his team. After producing a great strike that made it into the Net, the supporter celebrated by running around the stadium. He then left the pitch of his own free will. The goal was of course disallowed and the penalty was re-taken. For those interested, it was finally Saturn FK who won the match by 2 goals to 1.

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