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Isolated regime calls back ousted mediators

Honduras's de facto government has re-invited a mediation mission from the Organisation of American States it had previously expelled, amid a continuing clamp down on opposition media and protests by supporters of deposed president Manuel Zelaya.


AFP - Honduras' de factor regime on Monday invited back members of a mediation mission from the Organization of American States it had expelled the previous day, amid widespread condemnation of its heavy-handed tactics.

The foreign ministry said in a statement it was "pleased to invite the advance commission of officials from the Organization of American States to visit Honduras from Friday, October 2."

The ministry apologised for sending back the OAS officials, who were held for six hours at the capital's airport, but said it had asked them to hold off travelling to Honduras to allow national talks on the crisis set off by the June 28 ouster of President Manuel Zelaya.

It also invited a mission of regional foreign ministers and top OAS officials to the country on October 7.

The pan-American OAS suspended Honduras after the coup three months ago.

The de facto leaders, headed by Roberto Micheletti, have restricted civil rights, threatened to close Brazil's embassy for harboring Zelaya and on Sunday denied entry to four mediators from an OAS delegation of five.

"The temporary security measures adopted are a natural response from any state resposible for preserving public order faced with permanent calls for insurrection provoked by the ex-president from the offices from the Brazilian government in Honduras," the statement added.

Zelaya has been holed up in the Brazilian embassy since his surprise return to the country last Monday.

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