The summit of hope

Afghans on the foothills of Whakan province have survived the Soviet invasion, fought off the Taliban and even claim to have triumphed over opium addiction. But there remained one summit to conquer: planting the national flag atop Mount Noshaq.


They are cattle breeders, builders and teachers… Their dream is to be the first Afghans to climb their country’s highest summit, Mount Noshaq, and send a message of peace and hope to their people.


“We are doing this for Afghanistan, for the honor of the whole country, not just the Wakhan. The flag that we’re going to plant up there is the national flag”, says Afghan mountain climber Gurg Ali.

Gurg Ali - or “Ali the Wolf“ - is 28 years old and has four children. He is also a teacher at the village school. His dream is for his country to recover its long lost pride through this incredible expedition  

FRANCE 24 brings you the story of this unique expedition: a lifetime’s project to reach the very top of a country at war.


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