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The imminent appointment of Nicolas Sarkozy's 23-year-old son to a plum administrative job is creating ripples, even within the ruling UMP Party. The left-leaning press says the move is akin to restoring 'royal privilege'.


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The left-leaning press is crying “nepotism” this morning as the Jean Sarkozy controversy rages on. The 23-year-old son of the French President has been nominated to head up the administrative authority that governs la Défense, continental Europe’s biggest business district. Libération accuses Nicolas Sarkozy of hypocrisy. It leads with a quote by the French President yesterday as he announced reforms in French high-schools. “From now on, what counts in France is not your family background, it’s to work hard and to have shown by your studies and by your work, what your value is.” The paper is quick to add that the President gave this “lesson on Republican ethics” in the middle of the controversy over his son.

Inside, the paper says that MPs in the ruling UMP Party are worried by this latest controversy. Some fear this could benefit the far-right Front National party. Others in the UMP defend the nomination saying historical figures such as Hoch and Marceau were named generals at 24-years-old.

The Communist paper l’Humanité says Jean Sarkozy’s likely nomination is akin to the restoration of royal privileges. “The President now wants to give a principality to his heir.”

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