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"EU: Britain has been kicked in the teeth"

By: Aurore Cloe DUPUIS

In today’s international press review, we look at the world’s reaction regarding the Lisbon Treaty. The Czech Republic was the last EU member state to sign it.



The British tabloid The Sun expresses an anti-European opinion.
 “Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Up yours! Britain Betrayed as EU treaty is made law”, writes the paper.
According to The Sun, Britain has been “kicked in the teeth” as the Labour Party reportedly promised Brits to hold a referendum on the issue but failed to do so.
The International Herald Tribune reports on the story with a different angle.  “Historic overhaul cleared for Europe”, reads the title.
The paper describes it as a “landmark agreement” that will allow Europe to have a bigger role on the international scene.
Meanwhile, the European Court of Human Rights has rules that Crucifixes in Italian schools should be banned. The story is in most Italian papers, including Il Giornale and Il Mattino.

In other news, a Chinese “Gang godmother” has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.
And finally, we take a peak at the latest fashion trends. The Daily Mail reports that pointy bras are making a comeback.



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