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Court grants homosexual woman the right to adopt a child

A court in the eastern French city of Besançon has ordered local authorities to grant a school teacher and her partner adoption rights, ending an 11-year legal battle that has divided the country.

A court in France has granted a homosexual couple the right to adopt a child, ending a gruelling 11-year legal battle that has triggered a national debate in France and involved the European Court of Human Rights.
The court in Besançon, in eastern France, ordered local authorities to extend adoption rights to school teacher Emmanuelle B. and her long-time partner Laurence R. within 15 days, or face a fine of 100 euros per day thereafter.
The court overturned a previous ruling by a local assembly in the Jura department, saying the arguments advanced by the assembly could not “legally justify the decision to reject the request put forward by Mrs B.”
"The parental, educational and psychological conditions provided by the applicant are in line with the needs and the interest of the adopted child,” the judge ruled.   
The two women have strived to remain anonymous throughout the affair, which made national headlines in October 2008 when the European Court of Human Rights condemned France for sexual discrimination.

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