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Obama's Chinese wisdom (2nd part)

The visit of Obama to China raises many questions about the future of relations between Washington and Beijing. But on the financial front these two giant economies threaten to eat up world business over the decades to come.

Obama has already spoken of their future relationship as the most important of the 21st century.
But what does this mean for the wider world, for poorer nations, for families across the globe? What does it mean for human rights in China?

guests :
Jean-François Di MEGLIO, President of the Asia Centre of Sciences-Po, Paris.
Jean-François SUSBIELLE, French author and specialist in geopolitics.
Dorian MALOVIC, Asia specialist, La Croix.

(Satellite from New York) Sharon HOM, Executive Director, Human Rights in China.
Programme prepared by Bilal Tarabey, Stephanie Paviet and Perrine Desplats
Watch the first part

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