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DR Congo: the Forgotten War? (part 2)

The UN has a 17,000 humanitarian force in place, recently increased in size by a further 3,000 troops. But a war scenario continues in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To many the conflict has become a forgotten war.


But there has been conflict in the region for generations. Rape is used as a weapon, children have been forced into armed fighting – two of the issues before the International Criminal Court right now.
“The horror, the horror “ - the dying words of the central figure of Joseph Conrad’s book The Heart of Darkness (1902). It was set in Congo, and the dying words of the enigmatic Mr Kurtz still sum up life for many there today.
Debate moderated by Mark Owen.
satellite from London - Anneke Van Woudenberg, Senior researcher for the DR Congo, Human Rights Watch's Africa division
Satellite from Brussels - Theodore Trefon,Head of the Contemporary History Section, Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren
By phone from Kinshasa - Mohamed TOURE, Deputy Representative of UNHCRin charge of Protection

Programme prepared by Bilal Tarabey, Charlotte Oberti and Perrine Desplats

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