Switzerland's shocking ban

Minarets: the Swiss voted against them in their country. It was a vote result that has left a nation soul searching.



Does it mean the Swiss are racist? Does it mean Muslim integration is essentially a non-starter? We examine the reasons behind the no vote and look at what it means for future relations not just in Switzerland but across Europe.

Mark Owen discusses it with:

Radu STOENESCU, Philosopher and staff member of Riposte Laïque
José-Manuel LAMARQUE, Journalist for France Inter and Co-producer of the programme Transeuropéenne
(satellite from Geneva) Soli PARDO, President of the Geneva section of the UDC (Democratic Union of the Centre, Swiss People's Party)
(Satellite from London) Tariq RAMADAN, Professor of Islamic Studies, Saint-Anthony’s College in Oxford
Programme prepared by Bilal Tarabey, Stephanie Paviet and Perrine Desplats
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