Copenhagen : Hope Melting Away? (2nd part)

As the Climate Change Summit nears its end without a real agreement in reach, France 24 is asking is hope melting away for the global climate, like disintegrating polar ice caps? Has Copenhagen been a failure? Was it destined to be so from its very conception? Or have some developing nations at least seized the day to have their say?


A debate hosted by Mark Owen with guests:

Robert U. AYRES, Professor emeritus of Economics at the INSEAD

Dimitri ZENGHELIS, Chief Economist, Cisco Climate Change Practice and Chatham House Associate Fellow for the Energy, Environment and Development Programme (By phone from Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sandrine DIXSON-DECLEVE, Director of the Prince of Wales EU Corporate Leaders Group for Climate Change at the University of Cambridge (by phone from Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Antonio HILL, Senior Climate Policy Advisor at OXFAM (Satellite from Copehagen, Denmark)
Programme prepared by Bilal Tarabey and Stephanie Paviet
Watch the first part

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