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Nani Roma: 'Chill, relax and wait'

BMW team Juan 'Nani' Roma has won the first stage of the 2010 Dakar rally. It's too early to celebrate, though, he told


How do feel after this first stage victory?
It always feel good (laughs)! But the race has just started. I need to step back, chill and wait. It is very important for the motivation and for the rest of the team. But now I need to stay focused and stay relaxed.

How do you feel the car?

I am actually very pleasantly surprised with the car's performance. It feels very good but it will even better in the open desert. For the moment, everyone is very happy, and that’s good for the whole team.
Your team-mate, Guerlain Chicherit, encountered some serious problems with his engine. Did you have the same kind of problems?

I had some alerts but nothing serious, it was just some normal signals. Guerlain has had some problems (overheat) with the engine, but during a rally you expect these and you try to race with them. They are just part of the competition.



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