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Brown approves full-body scanners at UK airports

In today's international press headlines: Britain's Gordon Brown approves full-body scanners at UK airports, and Dubai inaugurates the tallest tower in the world.


Gordon Brown has given the go ahead to implement full body scanners in airports…the paper reports…
There are still questions about their effectiveness and they are quite expensive (100 000 pounds)…but the British Prime Minister said…in the wake of the recent terrorist scare… he wants them put in place…
Even passengers travelling within the UK will have to go through them…

Germany is also in a hurry to implement these scanners…This according to DER TAGESPIEGEL
But here, politicians are saying they want to see the technology advance before putting them to use…saying that they must not interfere with a passengers’ privacy and actually present an increase in airport security



Now…the Mujahedeen of the North Alliance were part of army that fought to kick out the Russians in the 80s…
Now, they have joined forces to fight the Taliban…

They are supported by US Special Forces and are especially gaining momentum in rural areas…

But…opponents were a bit wary…saying it could put warlords back into power
That they had such a hard time disarming after the civil war.

President Hamid Karzai has been calling for the mujahedeen to come back for a while…but the West didn’t support that idea.
But when the security situation got so bad…they accepted and Afghan security officials say…they have been providing critical back-up… like transportation


Yes, Dubai is opening the tallest tower in the world. We are talking fireworks, choreographed water shows and lost of music and food.

According to the Gulf News… 868 high-powered strobe lights have been placed on the tower…

Event experts from France, Britain and the United States collaborated on the project…

There are three parts…
From the Desert Flower to Dubai
Heart Beat
From Dubai and the UAE to the World
And OF COURSE a fireworks finale…we are talking 10,000 of them

Of course the whole thing will be televised around the world…should be quite a show

This article caught my eye…it’s about the morning after pill gaining momentum in India. Now…the article says this shows that sex and talking about sex is becoming less of a taboo.

There are pros and cons to this pill…the pros are that many young girls get them and avoid an abortion…which are often practiced in unsanitary conditions.
But…the article also says that young women are using the pill instead of condoms…obviously putting them at high risk for sexual diseases…
Many woman say they have taken the pill several times per month…and the pharmaceutical company says it sells about 200 000 of them per month


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