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'A new race is starting', declares Marc Coma

It seems that fortune has turned for title holder Marc Coma (KTM) as the rally arrives in Chile. After losing nearly 40 minutes over the last two days, the Spanish biker finally earned his first victory in the fourth stage.


FRANCE 24 - How do you feel about your stage win today?

Marc Coma - I feel good again. I was unlucky yesterday with the penalty [520 minutes for speeding during a liaison, editor’s note] and I lost time with mechanical problems. But today, everything went ok. I’m very happy for the whole team.

F24 - Do you think you can still catch up with the leaders in the standings?

M.C - The rally is getting very hard. Today’s stage took us over mountains and physically, it was very tough. From now on, the shape of the bikers is going to be the most important. For me, it will be difficult to catch up with the leaders, but it’s never over until the end. And now that we are reaching the desert, a new race is starting.

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