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The only known survivor of both atomic bombings has died

In today's international press review: the only know survivor of both atomic bombings on Japan has died at age 93. Also in the news: a picture of US President Barack Obama is being used to sell coats.


The article in the “Bangkok Post” is called “Men in Green Want to Stay on Air.” The men in green being the Chinese army. They currently own about half of the radio and TV stations, and they want even more control.
They are pressuring the government to set up a bill that would make sure they have their say in who is on the National Broadcast Commission. The bill would create an additional panel that searches for possible committee members who then have to be approved by the Senate
Currently, people working in the media, broadcasters, etc., suggest members.
Of course the government says the army is not putting any pressure on them. But committee members say otherwise, reporting that armed forces have repeatedly asked to be part of the screening process

Sad news in “The Guardian.” The only survivor of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings has died…He was 93 years old. He didn’t die of old age, but of a stomach cancer. Tsutomu Yamagutchi was visiting Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, the day of the bombing…He had to stay in an air raid shelter before returning home to Nagasaki two days later. The next day, that city was bombed too.
He never publicly spoke about his past until 2005, when one of his sons died of cancer. Yamagutchi said, that the radiation his body was exposed to could tell people of the horrors he lived even after his death.

Officials in California have proposed changes to lethal injection procedures. In 2006, a federal judge ruled current methods are unconstitutional because they could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. The changes are minor and were discussed behind closed doors. Once they’re made known, the public has 2 weeks to comment on the changes that then need to be reviewed by a panel. But, if the changes put the judges concerns to rest, executions could resume as soon as this year.
Texas has a bad reputation when it comes to executions, but California actually has the biggest death row. Almost 700 inmates have been sentenced to die.
Odd, considering that only 13 people have been executed since the 1976.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have each found themselves the star of a new ad campaign. Without ever giving their permission…
She is part of a PETA anti-fur commercial, he on a billboard in Time Square portraying the President on the Great Wall of China, sporting “Weatherproof” outerwear.
The picture was taken by an AP photographer when Barack Obama visited China in November. And when the company saw the President was wearing their coat, they decided to buy the rights and use it in their ad.
The White House is up in arms, saying no one is allowed to use the name or likeness of Obama for commercial purposes.


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