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A French politcal icon has died

Former French politician Philippe Seguin has died at age 66. He was know to pick a fight with his fellow politicians, but was respected by members from both the Right and Left.


"Le Figaro” says, he was the passion of the French Republic. They have a photograph of you Séguin at the age of 6, receiving a medal from the French State after his father fell in battle. So rather and emotional piece there.

The paper “L’Humanité” also published an article about Séguin. Remember, this paper is communist, so it’s rather unusual that a leftist paper pay tribute to a right politician. But they say that his politics did stray away from capitalism and moved towards socialism.

“Le Monde” also published an obituary. They’re saying that his was his “excess” and drastic changes that made him who he was. Séguin loved to drink, smoke, and eat. He’d gain a lot of weight and loose it all at once.
They also say he was a bit of a loner, meaning he never really belonged to a political clan. The paper says, unlike many politicians today, Philippe Séguin was willing to change sides, refuse jobs, etc. “Le Monde” says, a bunch of mediocre politicians paying tribute to a man of virtue.

It’s been one year since the big strikes in Guadeloupe and Martinique. And in Guadeloupe, they are getting ready for round two on January 20th. The main workers union is calling for a general strike.
The reason behind the strike are mainly the price of fuel and food, which is what sparked 44 days of protests last year. This time, local officials had ordered a 4 cent increase per liter of fuel, something that didn’t sit right with the unions.
The paper has an exclusive interview with LKP leader Elie Domota, who says, the icrease is illegal. He is hoping 20 000 people will join the demonstration in Point-à-Pitre on the 20th.
Officials and unions are blaming each other for the economic difficulties the Island is in. And the “Parisien” does ask: Will the tourist industry, already at a 30% decrease, survive another wave of demonstrations.

It’s cold outside! A local newspaper from Toulouse has published this front page: ”The South: It’s the North”
Southern France is covered in snow and people down there are not really used to those kinds of conditions.
The paper “Le Progress” reporting that the snow is practically blocking everything. That’s a paper published in Normandy, so north of here. They are more used to this kind of weather, but still, trains are late and school busses have been cancelled.

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