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Africa Nations Cup marred by tragedy

Tragedy before even a ball was kicked in the Africa Cup of Nations dominates the international headlines, from Burkina Faso to Australia.

All eyes on Angola, and the Africa Cup of Nations

But not for the opening match, unfortunately, but the aftermath of that deadly attack.

The African and European press points the finger of blame at the decision to hold the match in the powder-keg Cabinda zone : oil-rich it may be, but for Burkina Faso's Observateur-Paalga, the decision was political, a means of reinforcing Luanda's claim to the troublesome province.

The British Independent, meanwhile, claims that the Angolan government underestimated the threat posed by the FLEC, the Front for the Liberation of the Cabinda Enclave. Their minister for the region is a former FLEC rebel who had said the movement was in decline.

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