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Haiti's Humanitarian Invasion (part 2)

Is the role being assumed by the United States in Haiti akin to a take over of the country? Left wing leaders like Hugo Chavez accuse Washington of acting like a colonial power. Even one French minister warned it should be “help” and not “occupation” … Question: if the most powerful nation in the world and the closest to the disaster isn’t going to run the recovery, then who will?


A debate hosted by Mark Owen with guests:


  • Mario MENENDEZ, Professor of North-American studies at Sciences-Po Rennes and migrations and Caribbean area specialist
  • Paul VALLET, Assistant Professor at Sciences Po Paris and Assistant Professor at the American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Paris
  • Melissa BELL, France 24 Correspondent (via satellite from Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

Programme prepared by Bilal Tarabey, Claire Brown and Perrine Desplats

Watch the first part


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