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Munich airport partially closed after security alert

Security forces have shut down a section of Munich airport after a man's laptop tested positive for explosives. The man fled and is still at large.


AFP - Parts of Munich airport were sealed off on Wednesday after a laptop tested positive for the possible presence of explosives and its owner fled into a secured area, police said.

An explosives scanner at the German airport alerted personnel as the man went through security at around 3:30 pm (1430 GMT), but instead of stopping he ran into a restricted area, police said.

The fourth floor of the airport's Terminal Two, used for European flights, was evacuated and all docked planes were stopped. The man was still at large.

Police were unable to comment on his nationality. A spokesman cautioned that the scanner could have been set off by chemicals such as perfumes, and that the man may simply have been in a hurry to catch his plane.

"It is not 100-percent clear that there were in fact explosives," spokesman Berti Habelt of the Federal Police told news channel N-TV.

Airports around the world have been on high alert since a Nigerian man was arrested and accused of trying to blow up an airliner over the United States on December 25 with explosive chemicals concealed on his person.

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