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Are there similarities between Angela Merkel and Martine Aubry?

Le Parisien compares the French Socialist Party leader with the German chancellor but are the similarities just superficial? This and other stories in today’s French press review.


It’s a comparison that Martine Aubry probably doesn’t mind too much despite the fact that she has underscored their differences in political points of view. Angela Merkel is the leader of the centre-right CDU party whereas Martine Aubry is a proud socialist. Yet, they both have a serious and confidence-inspiring image that leads to comparisons. Le Parisien takes a look at the two leaders this morning.

Other stories making the news in France’s papers this morning:

The head of the French electricity company EDF has had to give up his salary for sitting on the board of environment company Veolia.

Libération: The left-leaning paper says Nicolas Sarkozy’s support for Henri Proglio’s double salary has backfired. The Elysée has had to climb down on the issue. This is just the latest in a string of embarrassing “climb downs” – the Jean Sarkozy controversy being the most notable recent example. The President’s son was hoping to head up the administrative authority that oversees the La Défense business district and after initial support for Jean Sarkozy’s bid for the EPAD job, the Elysée changed it’s mind faced with mounting opposition in the press.

Le Parisien: Why are salaries in big business under the spotlight when footballers and celebrities aren’t targeted by the press for their generous wages?

Le Figaro: The paper is teaming up with M6 television and RTL radio to raise money for Haitian orphans.

Le Figaro: Astrium, a subsidiary of EADS, is hoping to send a satellite into space by 2020 which would use solar panels to generate energy. The ambitious program would see laser beams sent back to earth in order to create electricity.


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