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First-hand accounts from our correspondents in Port-au-Prince

FRANCE 24's special correspondents reporting from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, give eyewitness accounts of the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck the poverty-stricken country on January 12.

January 24: Just as the government announced the end of the search and rescue mission, a 25-year-old man is rescued alive from the rubble.
FRANCE 24 correspondent Nathan King filed this report from the Haitian capital at 7am Paris time (GMT + 1). 

"We caught up with [the rescued man] at the hospital. He managed to speak a few words; he spelt his name. He was just smiling. The brother is the real hero as well as the rescuers, because he didn’t give up. Eleven days after the quake, he has his brother back, and amazingly his brother is expected to walk out of the hospital in a day or so. 

"We’ve seen a lot of death and destruction here and to see this first hand, even though there were 132 others rescued alive, was quite an emotional moment. Not just for journalists, but for everyone involved. The French and Greek teams just crumbled; they gave each other a hug and there were tears.

"Haitians are a hearty lot. There was celebration all around. People are finding life difficult at the moment and this is a symbol of Haitian resilience and a potential Haitian resurgence. It’s only one [person], but sometimes it takes just one to lift spirits. Just to know that at the end of the government's rescue phase, when the government says there’s no hope, one comes out alive."

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